My name is Jean Philippe Kadzinski. (JP)

I was born in Alsace-Lorraine in the northeast of France. I've been working in the fashion/movie industry for more than 25 years, traveling and working all over the world. I began as a professional model, then became an actor, and did hundreds of fashion campaigns, TV spots, and features working all over the world.

Being in front of the camera for so many years has helped me to understand a lot of things in this business. I like to catch the sensitivity and the emotion of the tableau. This perspective was building unconsciously in my head during all my years of modeling – emotions, experiences, and how people feel being photographed.

I like to "feel" the core of people and read/talk with them before starting a photoshoot. It helps to break the ice and relax them to be comfortable during the photoshoot. We are all unique. I love to catch the essence of the person. The key is to catch the right moment and make the picture alive. Each face is interesting to to me – doesn't matter if the subject is an actor, model, singer, CEO or anyone else.

I have lived in New York City for almost 10 years now, and love the city so much. The energy is fantastic, and the light too. I'm also in love with nature and architecture. My other passion is table tennis (ping pong). I'm a champion in NYC, having won many competitions.

Truly yours,

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